Bobby marston

aka Your god. Thomas Hopper

  • I live in perth, winthrop
  • I was born on October 22
  • My occupation is Ruling the world
  • I am male
  • Bobby marston

    The fire god and Tom

    September 10, 2013 by Bobby marston

    Once there was A very upset Tom. He got so mad that he created the Fire God. This fire god was such a faggot that he demanded a virgin sacrifice every like 2 days. Or whenever you're playing Gmod Z. The Fire God also demands that you charnt his name whilst doing so. The tribute must have a cross burnt across his chest then have his body burt to ashes after the cross is done burning and tossed into the sacrificial Fire God's Pit.

    After such things happen the Fire God will be appeased and you can only hope that Our all mightly saviour Tom (All hail the holy and forgiving Tom) May eventually revoke the Fire God's rule over the earth. If the Fire God doesn't get a sacrifice it is whispered that the sun shall go out and Tom's all mighty judgemen…

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