• I live in Oddworld
  • My occupation is Giving guns to the poor
  • I am the Infamous Babycrusher.
  • Oneforseven


    January 1, 2013 by Oneforseven

    Batteries were behind 9/11 not the good kind of 9/11 that killed all those people I mean the bad kind of 9/11 that caused them to start selling batteries.

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  • Oneforseven

    Adam Sandler.

    December 16, 2012 by Oneforseven

    So I was at home watching a movie then I thought why didn't they have Adam Sandler star in the movie.

    Adam Sandler is the funniest guy I've ever seen I mean he was movies suck unless they have Adam Sandler in them 

    Jack and Jill was amazing cause it had twice the Adam Sandler it was amazing.

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  • Oneforseven

    My day

    December 2, 2012 by Oneforseven

    So I was hanging out at the park then there were a bunch of littles kids who looked like they could beat the shit out of me so me and my gang walked up to them. Then I said. "Hey Smelly Shoes" he then started crying so then he said "Wanna fight?" "prison rules?" "Yes" he replies with "So my gang againest you?" "Yes". 

    So we start fighting yes I am fighting a group of little kids yes I am getting my ass kicked by 7 year olds.

    So I gave them all a bar of soap then I spalled it out of there hands then I said are you gonna pick it up then he bent over. Then I knew what to do I picked up the soap for him being the kind guy I am. Oh I also punched him in the face.It was pretty funny there was blood everywhere his parents started chasing me. Then I…

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  • Oneforseven

    Well it started on a saturday like any other saturday I was at home beating my meat then I saw a goat. The goat said to me "Oneforseven you should stop beating your meat cause you're going to hurt your arm".So I replied with a smart ass comment "Okay mom" and then I got outside cause she kicked me out of my house even though the goat didn't even live in my house and me saying that he was my mother must of made him think he had the right to kick me out of my house.

    Then I grabbed a gun since I have guns everywhere and I hopped onto my kangaroo and rode into the desseret.I named the Kangaroo floppy cause his dick was all floppy.So me and floppy were just going into the dessert but then floppys dick went all hard and pointed so we followed his…

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  • Oneforseven

    You see the point behind 9/11 was to make people laugh it made me laugh it was funny so why not make 9/11 into a movie Comedy romance. Where the Plane just wants to make love to the Twin towers.Have the plane voice by Adam Sandler and the Twin towers voice by Jessica Simpson it will be a ball it will get big ratings in the movie place and It will cause allot of trouble kind of like the batman movie it will proably never get released cause it will be to funny. I will also star in the movie I will be trying to keep the Plane "Voiced by Adam Sandler" away from the Twin towers but I can't do it their love is to strong in the end it's kind of like Romeo and Juliet they both end up dying in the end and I jump out of the plan saying "I thought I…

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