So I was hanging out at the park then there were a bunch of littles kids who looked like they could beat the shit out of me so me and my gang walked up to them. Then I said. "Hey Smelly Shoes" he then started crying so then he said "Wanna fight?" "prison rules?" "Yes" he replies with "So my gang againest you?" "Yes". 

So we start fighting yes I am fighting a group of little kids yes I am getting my ass kicked by 7 year olds.

So I gave them all a bar of soap then I spalled it out of there hands then I said are you gonna pick it up then he bent over. Then I knew what to do I picked up the soap for him being the kind guy I am. Oh I also punched him in the face.It was pretty funny there was blood everywhere his parents started chasing me. Then I whistled and my dragon fly by I jumped onto my dragon. I said to my dragon  "I want to go to the moon" So we travel to the moon as we get there I see Carl Johnson and Darth Vader having a party so I join in we start having a party for like.

3 hours then I notice that that girl I bet up parents are gaining on my so I tell my dragon to get me out of here I hop on his back did I metion that It was a little girl who I beat up because she said I was to big for the playground. So back to the story me and my dragon are flying I say to him "Let's just go to mars" so me and my dragon for to Mars. So we fly to mars I run into my parents so we leave mars as soon as we can. Then Dragon says to me "Oneforseven why don't you just say sorry" I reply with "Why don't you just make me." So Dragon starts flying to the parent's I see them in the distance I say "what the fuck are you doing Dragon" I jump off Dragon. I am falling then I see a thing of needles and razors. So I land on there I land on the needles and razors I also see Dragon with the girls parents in the distance I jump off the needles and razors. I then see a kid riding his tricycle I kick him in the face then ride off I start shooting Dragon whille riding off on the tricycle.

Dragon falls the girls dad is running he is gaining up on me. So I jump of the kids Tricycle and start running then I see Slenderman then I said "I don't have time for your shit" I ran shooting the Father Then EXPLOSION. I see Adam Sandler and the Father can't stop laughing at how funny Adam Sandler is so I aim for his head and then Dragon grabs me I break free and everyone can see all my muscles. I fly up into the Air and start screaming I then shoot a giant beam out of my hands. It misses I then land on the ground and then I do a front flip everyone gets scared then I see the little girl she is running up to me I start running up to her she kicks me in the balls I fall on the floor then I grab her leg...I rip her in half her organs spill all over the place her mother see's the mess she starts throwing up. 

I then say to her mother "I'm sorry but she said I was to old for the playground". Then the mother said that her daughter is going to be grounded when they get home. 

Tumblr ma6s4uDKLM1rqy4l0o1 500

I also stole a car.

So this is how my day was. Wake up and Smell the THRASH (talk

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