Well it started on a saturday like any other saturday I was at home beating my meat then I saw a goat. The goat said to me "Oneforseven you should stop beating your meat cause you're going to hurt your arm".So I replied with a smart ass comment "Okay mom" and then I got outside cause she kicked me out of my house even though the goat didn't even live in my house and me saying that he was my mother must of made him think he had the right to kick me out of my house.

Then I grabbed a gun since I have guns everywhere and I hopped onto my kangaroo and rode into the desseret.I named the Kangaroo floppy cause his dick was all floppy.So me and floppy were just going into the dessert but then floppys dick went all hard and pointed so we followed his dick it led us to a cactus so we destoryed the cactus and we find a button so we push the button and floppys penis goes back to being floppy so we notice that the ground is shaking and me and floppy see that the ground is getting ripped apart and then we notice a set of stairs so me and floppy climb down they stairs we notice that there is a guy chained to the wall floppy bounces up to this guy and starts eating him. I walk on then I hear screaming I walk into a room it's got a monkey in it chained to a wall I laugh while the monkey flesh is getting ripped off by the doctor

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